Arnold's Body Shop

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Arnold's Body Shop

3514 Vine Street
Davenport, Iowa 52806

Phone: 563.388.0004
Fax: 563.388.0003

Emergency Services

  1. Remain Calm
    • Put your vehicle in park and turn off the ignition, take a deep breath & remain calm.
  2. Injured
    • Are you or your passengers injured?
  3. Call 911
    • Tell them you were in an accident, report injuries, and request help.
  4. Move Vehicle
    • If your vehicle is safe to drive and there are no injuries, move your vehicle to the side of the road or a well-lit location.
  5. Exit your vehicle
    • Is it safe to exit your vehicle?  If so, exit cautiously and stay out of the road.
  6. Take Pictures
    • Using your cell phone or digital camera, take pictures of all damaged vehicles and the accident scene.
  7. Gather Information of all those involved in the accident including witnesses.
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Drivers License Number
    • Insurance Company
      • i. Name
      • ii. Phone Number
  8. Call Arnold’s
  9. Call for towing assistance
    • If you cannot reach Arnold’s for any reason, tell the Police to call (or make your own call to):
      • i. John’s Towing 563-322-0612
      • ii. Tow Pro 563-355-7452
      • iii. Instruct them to:
        • Tow your vehicle to Arnold’s.
        • These towing companies will bill Arnold’s direct.
  10. Contact your insurance company:
    • Once these steps are complete, contact your insurance agent.
Arnold's Body Shop
3514 Vine Street
Davenport, Iowa 52806
Call: 563-388-0004

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