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3514 Vine Street
Davenport, Iowa 52806

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Repair Stages

Step 1 – Drop-Off, Authorization & Inspection

dropoffYou’ve just received your estimate and/or damage analysis in writing. Now, you’ve turned over your vehicle to us for repairs. What’s next? At this point, we will need:

  1. Your written authorization to tear down or repair your vehicle
  2. Your written authorization for John Arnold to sign insurance drafts (power of attorney)
  3. You to determine your method(s) of payment and payment in full
  4. Your signature on the Arnold’s Check-In Sheet – The Check-In Sheet describes the condition of your vehicle when it is turned over to Arnold’s

Step 2 – Structural Repair

Structural RepairWe believe that a vehicle’s structure (or frame) is like the foundation of a house. An unstable foundation makes for a problem house. The same is true for your vehicle’s structure. Arnold’s uses a highly-sophisticated, computer-driven measuring system that not only helps us locate the structural damage, but determines the extent of it, too. All primary and secondary structural damage is documented and our technicians go to work! What’s the result? Your vehicle’s structure is returned back to the original manufacturer’s specs. When your vehicle’s structure is back in “shape,” it moves on to our collision repair team.

Step 3 – Collision Repair

Collision RepairDuring the collision repair stage, we focus on the exterior body panel repair or replacement and exterior/interior trim replacement. Our expert Journeyman technician/craftsmen utilize advanced tools and technology to restore and rebuild your vehicle’s hood, fenders, doors, trunk lid, roof, bumpers, and lamps. After the collision repairs are complete, it’s ready to move on to our refinishing department.

Step 4 – Refinishing

RefinishingOur expert refinish technicians – with a little help from sophisticated, computer-driven technology – restore your vehicle’s components to their original, “unblemished” finish. With as little as a thimble-full or as much as a gallon of product, they can match any color. This whole process takes place in our high-tech Akzo-Nobel’s Autowave water borne refinishing system. Our booths are designed to simultaneously create a safe environment for our technicians and increase overall efficiency thereby reducing emissions into our atmosphere. We repair your vehicle so it’s safe for your family–and we think that’s the same way we should treat our planet. When the refinishing work is done, your vehicle moves on to be reassembled.


Step 5 – Reassembly

It’s during this step that your vehicle really comes together (get it?). We move it to a special area in our facility and install the bolt-on parts; interior trim; and bumpers and lamps. We double check our work and begin the final stages of our repair process!

Step 6 – Mechanical Component Restoration

Mechanical Component RestorationMechanical Component Restoration refers literally to the repair/replacement of any damaged mechanical components on your vehicle (plus a little more). For example, once reassembly is complete we’ll:

  • Recharge your air conditioning system
  • Replace batteries, belts, alternators, compressors, etc.
  • Recover coolant

This step also includes glass replacement, vinyl striping, and interior trim repair. Once restoration is complete, your vehicle moves on to our detailing team.

Step 7 – Detail

DetailYou may not know this, but the final detail during the repair process is actually the 3rd time the exterior of your vehicle is washed! During the final detail, we also will:

  • Vacuum and dust your interior
  • Clean the glass
  • Polish repaired areas
  • Conduct a visual inspection of the repaired areas and the complete vehicle
  • “Brush touch” (when appropriate) any nicks or scratches

Then, our Detail Manager will compare the vehicle against your final work order/bill and notify our Inspection Team that it’s ready for Final Inspection.

Step 8 – Final Inspection/Delivery Confirmation

Final InspectionOur Inspection Team does a second comparison against the final bill by fully testing the operation of:

  • Mechanical components
  • Lamps
  • Sound and safety systems

In addition, the Inspection Team looks over the exterior/interior trim and body and he does a final check of color match, gloss and texture. Finally, if needed, there’s a road test. If everything checks out, you’ll be notified by our front desk staff and you can drive your “new” vehicle home!

Arnold's Body Shop
3514 Vine Street
Davenport, Iowa 52806
Call: 563-388-0004

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