Car Detailing

A regular interior/exterior cleaning is done to every vehicle that leaves our shop. But, “detailing” at Arnold’s means clean gets SCRUBBED! When you purchase our regular detailing package for passenger cars and light-duty, non-commercial trucks less than 3/4 ton, we will:

  • Shampoo the interior seat fabric, carpet, and floor mats
  • Remove road tar, polish, and wax the exterior surfaces
  • Brush touch-up paint on any “nicks” or “chips”
  • Clean all of the glass
  • Dust each air conditioning vent with a specialty brush
  • “Dress” the exterior trim

If you would like to pamper your vehicle with an Arnold’s detail, be sure to call ahead for a reservation date and plan on leaving it with us for 2 working days.

We can also detail larger, specialty vehicles like horse trailers, motor homes, and fire rescue vehicles. Contact us for an estimate.