Estimating & Damage Analysis

Accurate estimates and thorough damage analysis is the foundation of a successful body shop. That’s why our ICAR certified estimators take a detail-oriented, methodical approach to these processes. The benefit to you is a repair of the highest quality.

You may be wondering – what’s the difference between Estimating and Damage Analysis?

Estimating vs. Damage Analysis

EstimatingDefined as a Visual Damage Quote. It’s a “best guess” concept instead of an accurate analysis of the damage.

  • Drivable vehicles qualify for an estimate
  • The estimator will record damage that he can see or touch
  • The estimator is not looking at or assessing the structure for damage

Damage AnalysisDefined as a comprehensive assessment of the damage to a vehicle both inside and out.

  • Only vehicles that will be repaired at Arnold’s or if prior arrangements have been made to pay for the cost of the analysis (it can take as long as 8 hours!)
  • Both drivable and non-drivable vehicles qualify
  • All primary & secondary damage is recorded, measured, and photographed
  • Damaged & undamaged parts are removed, inspected, and recorded

Arnold’s Written Damage Analysis

Arnold’s Damage Analysis includes information about:

  1. How the vehicle will be repaired;
  2. What parts will be replaced or repaired;
  3. What the structure damage consists of;
  4. What the mechanical damage and operations are about;
  5. How much of the vehicle will be refinished;
  6. Approximate repair time in clock hours and/or days;
  7. Cost of repair;
  8. List of questionable items that will affect the time and cost of repairs;
  9. Other Contingencies.